ICEHAVEN Pet Food is suitable for all breeds, contains essential vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to build a strong immune system and is scientifically formulated by a specialist animal nutritionist.  ICEHAVEN Pet Food is also PFI Registered and Registered with the Department of Agriculture.   ICEHAVEN Pet Food is a complete and balanced pet food range which contains everything your pet needs to maintain optimum health and vitality.

ICEHAVEN Distributors CC is the registration holder of four brands of pet food as follows:


ICEHAVEN ADULT : Product Registration No. V28310 of Act 36 of 1947;

ICEHAVEN PUPPY:  Product Registration No. V28309 of Act 36 of 1947;

ROCKY ADULT : Product Registration No. V28312 of Act 36 of 1947;  and,

ICEHAVEN ADULT CAT : Product Registration No. V28311 of Act 36 of 1947

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